International webinar on Silambam field 1402/10/8

An international webinar introducing mental care exercises and self-awareness and exercises to increase mental concentration and familiarizing with the history and field of silambam and related yoga will be held with the speech of Dr. Morgan Chilayah.

An international webinar on the history of silambam field will be held.

International webinar on mental care exercises

Self-awareness and exercises to increase mental focus

And getting to know the history of Silambam and related yoga

With the teaching of Dr. Morgan Chilayah

From Malaysian yoga teachers
and the founder of Silambam World Organization

Topics of discussion:

* Stress control strategies
* Strategies to control fear
* Anger control strategies
* increasing the self confiedence
* Increasing the amount of relaxation
* Strengthening the feeling of happiness and success

Second speaker:
Dr. Ali Sajdi

Topics of discussion:
The importance of mental preparation factors in sports
Methods of increasing concentration
Ways to increase self-confidence
Strategies to increase sports performance
Benefit from exercises and mental imagery

Session manager:
Dr. Toraj Ali Onsory

Mrs. Elnaz Bakhtiari

Date of holding: Friday 10/8/1402
10 am Iran time
and 14:30 Malaysia time

To register, pay the amount of the course to the card number of Neshat Artin Sports Company.

Send the receipt of the deposit amount to WhatsApp mobile number 09391542438

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